The Ultimate List Of 8 Movies That Hollywood Could Make Oscar Worthy And Diversity Unique


There is so much chatter about movies that would add diversity that Hollywood should make.

Check any post and you will see complaint after complaint abut the lack of diversity in films. There is another issue at hand. Sundance just happened and there were complaints that the only films that are getting green lit are one that show struggle in faith, or race.  Most of us movie buffs just want the remakes to end in addition to the diversity be infused.

So having said that, here are the 8 films that must be made and would give them an elaborate challenge at Oscar worthy work..

Historical Period pieces where we are not slaves but the wealthy heroes.

  • Crispus Attucks
  • Pierre Toussaint
  • Elizabeth Jennings Graham

Debutante pieces where you can educate

  • Alpha Phi Alpha
  • Madam CJ Walker
  • The Life of The Savoy Nightclub

Need a sexy deep dive piece that is the equivalent of Fifty Shades meets the Godfather? Check the Battaglia Series written by Sierra Mynx. It is delicious. It would give you glamour,sex, violence, mystery and move the needle. She tells a tale that will wrap all the things Hollywood loves into one. It rivals a James Bond movie in locales. It meets the sex quotient for the intrigue. It can lead to multiple films.

There are plenty of stories to tell the story of a man who was called ‘The most dangerous black man in America’, A. Philip Randolph.

These would show a picture that would create a more diversity picture worthy of Oscar work. Imagine all the people that could be put to work.


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