The episode synopsis: Pastor Canton Jones invites the hottest names of music and ministry in the ATL to a listening party for his new, gospel Hip Hop album while Pastor Le’Andria Johnson may have to deal with some family drama of her own.

The viewer had the opportunity to meet five preachers challenging the status quo are Pastor Corey Hambrick, Pastor Le’Andria Johnson, Pastor Canton Jones,Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier, and Pastor Judah Swilley.

There were a few  key lessons last night.

#1 You don’t know what the true story is  unless you ask.  

Pastor Le’Andria Johnson’s story was explained. As a gospel star the blogs and world at large had gossiped about what was going on in her life. Last night, the lights went on in the  house  and you were able to see the truth. She is not reckless, but a  realist. She takes her ministry to where people are, nit where people should be. Internally, she was dealing with a harsh reality of her husband and the possibility of  an unclaimed child. It was good to see a woman who understood God’s calling on her life, but was facing areal issue with human eyes. Pastor Johnson will have to get to the bottom of the truth. Jesus calls us all to live in truth, but it is getting there that may be hardest. What will you do?

#2 Compassion and mercy can come from an unlikely place.

Pastor Corey Hambrick is  a pastor and an officer. Seeing Pastor Corey face the  criticism and  struggle of a young man’s pan was both heartbreaking but a merciful moment.It challenged the viewer to see the anger and the redemption on both sides. This will be an interesting storyline to follow. How harshly do we judge those that wear a badge and cast them as nothing more than pawns of bigger society?  Do we have a role in showing mercy to them? Id we want mercy shouldn’t we show mercy?

#3 How do we reach a generation that has changed and does not look, sound or act  the way believers would have acted once?

Pastor Canton Jones,Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier, and Pastor Judah Swilley are perfect examples of this. Pastor Canton is a hip hop entrenched leader.  Pastor Kimberly is thrice married and fighting to get people to heaven in high heels.  Pastor Judah understands the new phenomenon of parental re-identification.

Of course, many people will bristle at the  content and the characterization of them. The real truth of the matter is that ministry should look like this, if we are to win souls. That is the commandment that Jesus gave. Jesus was a revolutionary who did not look, eat with, or socialize with the proper temple folks. Jesus was with the sinners and had 12 sinners in his company. It was with those twelve that a world was changed.

That is what the Pastors Franchise is about.It is about making Jesus real. It is about real ministry to the disenfranchised. It is about bringing the truth to people who  are lost and hurt.

Kudos to Oxygen for Episode 1!


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