sally-jane-waiteFebruary is National Cancer Prevention Month. You hear about all the struggles that people suffer through battling cancer. Recently, I was struck by  how one young, brave entrepreneur who took her own battle with cancer and launched a business to help spread faith and hope to all women.

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Sally Jane Waite was 7 months pregnant when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Aided by the power of prayer, she battled her cancer into remission just one month after giving birth and went on to create a line of jewelry called Sally Jane. Meant to inspire women, a darling bee and the message, “Bee Courageous, Bee Bold, Bee a Survivor” accompanies each piece.

Bees inspired her to create jewelry that is both meaningful and beautiful. It is said that aerodynamically bees should not be able to fly, but do so by flapping their wings fast enough to carry the weight of their bodies.  They create the impossible, and we believe so can you.  Within nature bees create life, yet they are endangered.  Sometimes in life so are we.  Bee the one to rise up against adversity – Just Bee! 

I thought this  was absolutely inspiring and couldn’t resist talking with her about it!

Cancer can break some people. They will shut down completely. What propelled you every day to keep going?

Sally Jane: The love of my Son and family.  They need me and especially my son needs a mom who is there to bond with him, celebrate his life and guide him.  He gives me something to look forward to everyday and that gives me tremendous strength.  There is nothing more important to me than being here for him and that keeps me fighting to get through every challenge and meet him with a smile and surround him with love.

How has you changed? What was your self-discovery moment?

Sally Jane: When I was younger I often questioned where I was in life.  Was I living the life I should? Were my husband and I living in the right place? Would I be a good mom?  I worried a lot about things that I had little control over as well. But with this unbelievable fear of my life ending came an instantaneous understanding that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and the anxieties that I often carried were literally lifted from me; I can physically feel it.  I love my life and I understand things so much more clearly than ever before.  I have a tremendous sense of perspective on what is important and who is important to me.

Sally Jane promised herself that if she got through it, she would be the best Mom she could be and she would fulfill her dream of launching Sally Jane. Although Sally has recently faced a set back, thanks to many incredible people, she is still on the path to being cancer free and enjoying her days with her healthy and beautiful son Sam.

She now views the bee as a symbol of the strength we all have inside ourselves to get through our darkest days.

The pieces are beautiful easter presents, first communion and confirmation presents. If there is anyone in your life that needs to be encouraged take a moment and look at her choices. They are simply beautiful!

Now that you have read her story, check out her designs! Be inspired by her smart idea!  Click the picture below and begin shopping:


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