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ABC is opening the doors to what is by far  the most intriguing story in the bible. They are telling th story of King David in“Of Kings & Prophets

It is an epic biblical saga of faith, ambition and betrayal as told through the eyes of the battle-weary King Saul, the resentful prophet Samuel and the resourceful young shepherd David — all on a collision course with destiny that will change the world. 

One thousand years before Christ, the first king of the Israelites, Saul, struggles to unify the 12 Israelite tribes and defend his fledgling nation against savage enemy attacks. The prophet Samuel relays a message from God to King Saul that he must destroy one of Israel’s ancient enemies. But when Saul defies that message, Samuel prophesies that the Lord will tear the kingdom of Israel from him and choose another in his place. In time, Saul comes to realize that his greatest threat will not come from his enemies but from the shepherd, David.

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Here are seven facts about King David (seen above depicted in portrayal by Olly Rix)

Fact 1 David was only the second  King

David is the second king of Israel, the great-grandson of Boaz andRuth (Ruth 4:18 sqq.). He was the youngest of the eight sons of Isai, or Jesse (1 Samuel 16:8; cf. 1 Chronicles 2:13), a small proprietor, of the tribe of Juda, dwelling at Bethlehem, where David was born.

Fact 2  All of David’s life is recorded

The  biblical history of David falls naturally into three periods: (1) before his elevation to the throne; (2) his reign, at Hebron over Juda, and at Jerusalem over all Israel, until his sin; (3) his sin and last years. His sttory is told via 1 Samuel 16; 1 Kings 2; 1 Chronicles 2, 3, 10-29; Ruth 4:18-22,

Fact 3 Samuel anointed him. 

Samuel, the Prophet and last of the judges, called David forth to anoint him in place of Saul, whom God had rejected for disobedience. The relations of David do not seem to have recognized the significance of this unction, which marked him as the successor to the throne after the death of Saul.

Fact 4 David was actually a hired musician.

David was brought to court to soothe the king by playing on the harp. He earned the gratitude of Saul and was made an armour-bearer, but his stay at court was brief. Not long afterwards, whilst his three elder brothers were in the field, fighting under Saul against the Philistines, David was sent to the camp with some provisions and presents; there he heard the words in which the giant, Goliath of Geth, defied all Israel to single combat, and he volunteered with God’shelp to slay the Philistine. His victory over Goliath brought about the rout of the enemy.

Fact 5 David was a young king.

David, at  thirty years old, went up to Hebron to claim the kingly power. The men of Juda accepted him as king, and he was again anointed, solemnly and publicly.

Fact 6 David was a prophet

David was not merely king and ruler, he was also a prophet. “The spirit of the Lord hath spoken by me and his word by my tongue” (2 Samuel 23:2) is a direct statement of prophetic inspiration in the poem there recorded. St. Peter tells us that he was a prophet (Acts 2:30). His prophecies are embodied in thePsalms he composed that are literally Messianic and in “David’s last words” (2 Samuel 23).


Fact 7- David’s heir was not the norm.

Solomon was not the logical heir to the throne, but David conferred it upon him instead of his older brothers, and in doing so he committed no wrong according to Israelitish ideas. Solomon was eighteen years old when he ascended the throne, or at least no older than this, and his successful reign of forty years speaks well for his intelligence, ability, and statesmanship. His reign offers a striking contrast to that of his father. It was almost entirely devoid of incident, and was marked by none of the vicissitudes of fortune which were so notable a feature in the career of David. Enjoying for the most part peacefulrelations with foreign powers, and set free from the troubles that menaced him at home, Solomon was enabled to devote himself fully to the internal organization of his kingdom and the embellishment of hisCourt. In particular he gave much attention to the defence of the country (including the construction of fortresses), the administration of justice, the development of trade, and the erection of a national temple to the Almighty.

“Of Kings & Prophets” stars Ray Winstone as King Saul, Olly Rix as David, Mohammad Bakri as Samuel, Simone Kessell as Queen Ahinoam, Nathaniel Parker as King Achish, Haaz Sleiman as Jonathan, James Floyd as Ishbaal, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Michal, Jeanine Mason as Merav, David Walmsley as Joab.”It airs at 10|9c on ABC 

Watch the extended trailer:

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