We are losing our sense of virtue. Virtue is defined as moral excellence; goodness; righteousness.

  • “You Lie”- Representative Joe Wilson shouted at State of The Union Address
  • Taylor, I’m really happy for you. I’ll let you finish, but Beyonce had one
    of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!”-
    Kanye West
  • A seventy eight year old man punches a young man in the face as he passes him at rally.

I am all for protesting but know the below:

If violence is answered by violence, the result is a physical struggle. Now, a physical struggle inevitably arouses in the minds of those directly and even indirectly concerned in it emotions of hatred, fear, rage and resentment. In the heat of conflict all scruples are thrown to the winds, and all the habits of forbearance and humaneness, slowly and laboriously formed during generations of civilised living, are forgotten. Nothing matters any more except victory. And when at last victory comes to one or other of the parties, this final outcome of physical struggle bears no necessary relation to the rights and wrongs of the case: nor in most cases, does it provide any lasting settlement to the dispute.

(Huxley, 1938. p. 139)

In the last few days, I have resisted the urge to quote  The Rock and say,”Know your role and shut your mouth.”  I am sure  depending on your age and generation, no doubt you have  noticed a change that has come over much of the American population. Neighbors, children, adults senior and old are becoming more discourteous, impolite,and rude.

Attentiveness, generosity, and caring service have all but evaporated. How many times have you entered a restaurant and noticed unclean tables and unkempt floors? How often have you made a trip to the grocery store only to encounter shelves unstacked or in disarray—with the very item you came for sold out? In bygone days, the average  grocery store manager would have considered such a situation with disgust—even alarm due to lost sales and customer  dissatisfaction—and  called the negligent employees to account for their inefficiency.

Perhaps, you have approached the cash  register of a store or fast food restaurant in hopes of checking out promptly. Instead,  you are faced with employees chatting with each other, seemingly oblivious to your presence. When you eventually are noticed, the employees’ nonverbal signals make you feel as if you have interrupted them.

Cell phone conversations are carried on at volume that is unavoidable. You are affronted with personal details that at most times you really wish you didn’t know. Where once American business literally survived and thrived on the notion that “the customer is always right,” now the widespread sentiment
seems to be “I could care less about the customer—just pay me for doing as little as possible.” Everything is automated.When you call anyone or anything you are hindered with the  “Choose 1, Choose 2” I often wish  there was an alternative called “Choose None”.

Kanye’s actions, Trump’s Actions, Rubio’s disgusting member talk and Rep Joe Wilson’s actions are  indicative of what is going wrong. We have left common courtesy by  the wayside  for expressing our every thought out loud.  Another indication of the decline in virtue in American culture in the last 50 years is the behavior of motorists on America’s highways. Where once most truckers were renowned for their unassuming, courteous driving habits and  their willingness to give way to automobiles and even extend assistance to the stranded motorist, an increasing  number of truckers bully smaller vehicles by changing lanes unsafely, and radio airways are filled with foul language  and truckers cursing other truckers. Exceeding the speed limit is now the norm on the Interstate. Cutting in line, tail-gaiting, and angry exclamations are commonplace on the highways of the nation.

Politics has become an even nastier business. Cutthroat tactics and bashing opponents characterize a majority. In fact, the polite, civil candidate is pummeled and left in a state of shock. Children speak disrespectfully to adults in public. Individuals cut in line in stores, post offices, and amusement parks. Telemarketers seem kind and genuinely concerned—until the customer refuses to buy the product. Then the telemarketer often turns nasty and shows obvious irritation with the consumer. Where once the average gas station provided eager service  to customers—not only pumping the gasoline, but washing the windows, checking the oil, and adding air to the tires—it’s now “every man for himself.” Many seem to be completely focused on self—with little thought and concern for those around them.

The examples of rudeness both came out to correct their wrongs. Kanye West  went on to the The Jay Leno Show called Swift “a talented artist” and said it was “someone’s emotions I stepped on — it was rude.” to later follow up,bashing her on  twitter after recoding a rude lyric about her.

Representative Wilson said:

“I am not going to apologize again, I believe the American people know I’m a civil person. I respect the institution of the House. I have apologized to the president. I believe that  should be enough.”


I believe everyone should go back to when we were children and were told that not everything you think needs to be said out loud. Be respectful to other people and their time and things. More importantly Think before you speak!

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