I love history. In particular, I love New York and American History. I love it so much that I consider myself a junior historian! I gobble down every book I can get my hands on, see very play and watch very television show and movie.  I have found the study of history plays a role in developing heritage/patriotism/citizenship and commitment. That is why, when a play or book or event arrives I am almost giddy with excitement. So, imagine my happiness when I found out about ‘Liberty: A Monumental New Musical’.

The play ‘Liberty: A Monumental New Musical’,  is a fast-paced pop-infused 80-minute musical.  The play surrounds the true events of the Statue of Liberty arriving on the shores of America. Pause for a moment. Now recall ,we were told as kids that she was a gift from France. We were never told the what, why or where.

The play starring Abigail Shapiro (How The Grinch Stole Christmas) as Liberty, telling the story of a young French immigrant who arrives in New York Harbor in 1884. Coming to the United States in the middle of a national immigration debate and a terrible recession, political forces are aligning to deport her. With a strong resolve and a mighty spirit, she battles to gain acceptance and eventually becomes a lasting symbol of the young country.

Liberty completed a 12 week run at the Lower East Side’s Theatre 80 last year.  The play is adapted from original material by Dana Leslie Goldstein, Jon Goldstein and Robert Bruce McIntosh, features a book and lyrics by Dana Leslie Goldstein with music by Jon Goldstein. Form Theatricals, Anthony Francavilla and Zachary Laks (General Management).  

The creative team and remaining cast are still in development, but the outlook is extremely promising.

Liberty was written by the brother and sister team Dana Leslie Goldstein and Jon Goldstein, directed by Evan Pappas and produced by Theresa Wozunk, Michelle Shapiro and Tim Harper.

So.. I will stop talking and just give you the facts! Tickets are $27 – $72 and can be purchased by calling 1.866.811.4111 or visiting LibertyTheMusical.com.

The cast album is already available through BroadwayRecords.com, iTunes and on Amazon.



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