the realThe week has been filled with a deluge of rumors surrounding  the firing of Tamar Braxton. Ever since news broke that the co-host would not be returning for the talk show’s third season, many questions remain for loyal fans.

In a new video posted on Facebook, Loni Love is shining some light on what happened behind-the-scenes before the announcement was made.

“I got a group text from Tamar. She says I think, I heard I’m being fired. First person to answer was Tamera [Mowry-Housley], I woke up from my nap and I answered about an hour later. I immediately called her, I said what are you talking about? She didn’t pick up. I ended up texting her asking what was going on.”

Loni later had the opportunity to ask higher ups why Tamar wasn’t returning to the show. Their response? “They told me basically it’s none of my business.”

Here  are  three things that “The Real ‘producers and decision  makers are missing.

1- Tamar has an appeal that is natural. She is married to a man that is not a pinup. Even though he is an exec, he is not the best looking guy in the world. His love for her is genuine. He is in the marriage for the long haul. That is appealing when you see a woman with a man that allows her to be great. They have had their ups and down and medical issues. This is relatable.

2- The show needs a dash of contemporary flavor that is believable. #Getyourlife and #nothereforit has created a language moment in culture that is fun and genuine. It has crossed into a level where it is cheeky. Part of what set the show apart is its language use. It is the conversation that women use now.

3- The working women they asked are not going to relate to Keke Palmer. She is not a  young woman that will appeal to the working mother. She is lovely, smart and young, but she is not a mother and has plenty of life yet to live.

I will be sad to see her go. I mean truly sad. Adrienne is the young whipper snapper that adds a dash of youth to the show. I think the producers made an awful mistake.

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