Marc JonesSometimes our greatest pains are the pathway to our greatest victories.  Mack Jones knows this fact to be true.  The gifted Gospel singer and songwriter thought he was on the way to success when suddenly the rug was pulled out from under him.  The life-changing experience set the scene for the song, “The Cross”.  The inspirational track, a smooth yet uplifting ballad, is the first release from the artist.  Produced by Richard T. Davis of R2D Music and mixed and mastered by Brad Baerwald of Studio 51, the uplifting single is currently available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.


The song’s message centers around Calvary.  “The Lord helped me to understand that in spite of my failings and my shortcomings – in spite of all my imperfections, I still exemplify ‘The Cross’”, he shares.  “We are all examples, whether we want to be or not,” Mack shares.  “That’s why it’s so important that the decisions we make behind closed doors match the life we live in front of people,” he says.


The song came to be at a very tough period in Mack’s life.

“I wrote the song in 2009 on the day I left Atlanta, I had gone through a very traumatic experience; my hopes were dashed that day.  As my family drove me away from the city, I had a pen and paper and the song began to come to me.  On that day, Father’s Day in 2009, a lot changed for me, but God was there.  I was determined that the situation would not break me and it didn’t. My desire is to encourage others going through trials; our Lord suffered and was exalted in the end. I want others to know they will be, too”. 

 Jones will be performing the moving track on Saturday, May 28th at 3PM at the Virginia Street Eats event located at Gar-Field High School, 14000 Smoketown Rd., Woodbridge, VA 22192 across the street from Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, VA. The track is from Mack’s forthcoming debut, #theevolutionofmackjones, scheduled to release in fall 2016. The fact that he is releasing an album is no surprise to anyone who knows him. He literally has music in his blood. Family members formed the group, The Jones Brothers, and his mother and her sisters recorded. Mack himself plays several instruments including the piano, drums, violin and trumpet. Music wasn’t the only thing that was passed down; ministry was as well. His father, Rev. Willie Lee Jones, was a pastor and his mother, First Lady Bobbie Jean Vereen Jones, was a preacher, too. As with music, most of his family members are called to the preaching ministry also. 


Gifted as a performer, the acting bug bit Mack as well. He’s starred in dozens of musicals and stage plays. He is a former acting coach with the Jon Casablancas Acting & Modeling School where he taught young people the fundamentals of acting. He was also part of the drama ministry and the praise and worship team at World Changers Church International in Atlanta, GA. His talent for acting has placed him in the company of the finest in the field. Recently, he was chosen for a role in the Netflix hit, “House of Cards”.  He played a supporting role as an extra, opposite with legends in acting, Kevin Spacey and Cicely Tyson, in the current 2016 season.  The experience was a dream come true and he “gleaned so much from working with legendary Cicely Tyson”.  For more information on Mack Jones, log on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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