milk paint objectsKids give us enough to worry about with their tumbles and scrapes. It makes sense that we want to keep them as safe as possible whenever we can.

One way to help keep them healthy is by using Real Milk Paint, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic paint on their walls, toys, and furniture.

Most manufactured paints continue to give off that “paint smell” for more than three years. In addition to that smell, they’re also emitting toxins, like ethylene glycol ethers, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, benzene and toluene. These toxins, also called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) poison and pollute our air.

Real Milk Paint, however, contains zero VOCs and gives off no odor during or after application. Because of this, Real Milk Paint is not only an easy way to add a fun pop of color to your kid’s room, but it’s a great way to let kids help with painting during a renovation or DIY project – they can even use it for their own arts and crafts projects! There’s no need to worry about them making a mess either.

Real Milk Paint’s water-based formula allows for an easy clean up without worry.

The Real Milk Paint Company offers more than 55 milk-based paint options that are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly and can be used on a variety of interior and exterior applications.

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