Ed Gordon

Ed Gordon is heading to television with a new cutting edge fresh take on news. I had the opportunity to chat with him about the show and more.

Orethapedia: What has been your greatest life lesson?

Ed Gordon: That you are never as right as you think you are and that you’re rarely as smart as you think. Too often individuals are too caught up in trying to prove they’re correct. As I have gotten older I realize that when you ‘re right time usually shows that and there is little need for you to try and prove it.  Time will take care of that.

 Also, being the smartest person in the room is a bit overrated. First, if you are then it’s time to move to another room (no more to learn there.)  Next, the smartest thing you can do is to realize that you can learn from everyone. Take time to listen you just might learn something.


Orethapedia: What is missing from journalism today?

Ed Gordon: Humility, the idea that the journalist in not the story. Over the last decade or so with the rise of social media and reality television more and more the journalist wants to share the spotlight with the story.  I understand that “personality” is a big part of today’s world and I always understood that ego was always a part of reporting, especially on television, but there a line that you tried not to cross. I think that made for not only more balanced stories but also better stories.


Orethapedia: What are your hopes for your new show?

Ed Gordon: That we will bring some heart and feeling to the stories we do. I’ve always tried to do that. No matter, if it’s a celebrity profile or a news story it’s important to bring a real sense of feeling to the story. I want to find what’s the heart of the story and then bring it to the viewer. I love to produce something that makes you think or feel or ask why?  We’ll bring a perspective that is lacking on television today. It should be something more than the same-old-same-old.

It should be noted that Mr Gordon has paved a a way fore firsts in journalism that should be recalled with pride. Following the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Gordon hosted a BET special, Black Men Speak Out: The Aftermath and interviewed President George H. W. Bush about the riots. Gordon also hosted hour-long interviews on several occasions in the series Conversations with Ed Gordon. His subjects have included President Bill Clinton, actor/director Sidney Poitier, and singer Whitney Houston.

He was also  the very first person to talk ton O.J. after he was acquitted.  The new show promises to be engaging and exciting.

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