brooklyn bridgeA common complaint in most households around the country is that health care expenses are out of control, and for some families they are causing problems. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 25 percent of families in the country experience a financial burden from medical care, and 16 percent of families had problems paying medical bills. As the health care costs rise, there are solutions that are emerging that aim to help combat those high fees, and help provide people with what they need in order to make health and wellness a priority in their life.

“We created the Network Advantage Card in response to the rising costs of health care and the burdens that families are feeling as a result of them,” explains Julia Silva, the director of marketing for the Network Advantage Card. “What people are learning is that when you join a membership-based program you will gain access to a variety of options that will help keep your expenses down, while also offering you more options.”

Membership plans are a new tool that offers consumers an effective way to help keep their family healthier for a lower cost. Here are 5 ways they are changing health and wellness for everyone:

  1. Save money. Perhaps one of the most important aspects to joining a health and wellness membership program is that they help people reduce their medical-related costs. For example, Tele-Health network of Doctors gives people 24/7 access to speak with a doctor on the phone about common issues, such as colds, flu, poison ivy, allergies, and more. Patients will get the answers they need, without having to go for an office visit at their primary care office or quick care. Membership programs also help save money on prescriptions, medical testing and supplies, and more.
  2. Provides access. There are many people who can benefit from Tele-Health, where they will speak with a doctor on the phone or have a video call. This helps them avoid having to go for an office visit. This is a more convenient route for those who are in rural areas, elderly, don’t have transportation, or find they need to speak with a doctor in the middle of the night or on the weekend.
  3. Avoids extras. Memberships are changing the way people obtain the information they need, such as having lab tests done. Rather than having to see a primary care doctor, members can obtain their own lab tests and receive discounts on the fees at the same time. With this route, people can avoid additional office visits only to be told to go in for lab testing.
  4. Offers support. Being able to ask someone trustworthy questions about bills and health care is invaluable. Memberships give people access to support and advocates who can help answer questions about medical bills, assist in negotiating discounts, and more.
  5. Strength in numbers.  Health and wellness is being changed by people coming together. Membership programs give people strength in numbers, which helps them gain access to better programs, as well as be able to save money by getting good discounts.

“We have seen the way the Network Advantage Card membership program is helping people and making changes in their health and wellness,” added Silva. “There are a lot of problems in the health industry today, but there are also some solutions. Memberships like NAC help provide a solution that many people are finding comforting.”

The Network Advantage Card (NAC) is a membership-based card that helps families stay healthy for just $20 per month. The plans provide access to discounts on health and wellness programs, including those that save money on prescriptions, vision, dental, vitamins, hearing ads, lab testing, diabetic supplies, and more. The program also provides access to the Tele-Health network of Doctor’s, which gives people 24/7 access to calling a doctor, where they can get advice regarding many common conditions. The doctors are all U.S. board certified, provide consultations for all ages, can share the info with the patient’s primary care doctor, and have a 16-minute average callback time. Members can also gain access to discounted programs in having organic produce delivered to the houses, weight loss programs, life insurance policies, and more.

Those interested in learning more about NAC or becoming a member can learn more online at:


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