oneupbandsI love them!

The new school year has begun  and  I have found the perfect item that you should get. They are non-slip headbands are second to none! With a soft, velvety underside and and elastic strap, you’ll find them to be exceptionally comfortable. Plus, with hundreds of designs, you’re sure to find a whole bunch you like! All non-slip bands are available in our standard 20″ and we also offer an adjustable band, which provides a range of 18-20.5″.

All of their products are made proudly in the USA, and we take pride in the quality workmanship that goes into every headband. You surely won’t be disappointed as you take to the field, track, or street with your hair secured in a One-Up Band.

I have been using them for the last three weeks and they have been great!

Check out the below:

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