screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-2-04-54-pmIn a New York minute, Claire Truman lands both a plum position at a top publishing house and the man she’s wanted for ten years…then reality intervenes.

Her new boss is Vivian Grant, a notoriously ruthless tyrant known for her tirades, traumatized assistants, and tabloid-inspired bestsellers. Soon Claire’s job is stealing more and more of her time and her relationship with her fiancé begins to feel the strain.

It doesn’t help that she’s working late nights with a brilliant-and handsome-first-time author. As Vivian’s outrageous demands continue to escalate, Claire wonders if she likes where the fast track is taking her-and worries about what she might turn into…

For those of us who have worked in media you will find a few of the story’s tales to be familiar incidences in our everyday. Claire is a lovable woman that you would meet up with in the world.  I actually stumbled upon this book looking for one similar to ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘.

If you are looking for a coffee book this is the one to pick. The author Birdie Clark  appreciates the readers depth and understanding of the new world well.Clark is a good writer, and the story is entertaining and believable.

The book is 247 pages long. It is available in all formats.


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