Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman Teams Up With Heart-Full Hands™ Jewelry

ALY RAISMAN - World Champion Gymnast (PRNewsFoto/Heart-Full Hands Jewelry)
ALY RAISMAN – World Champion Gymnast (PRNewsFoto/Heart-Full Hands Jewelry)

Heart-Full Hands™ Jewelry has partnered with two-time Olympian and American Gymnast Aly Raisman. As the United States women’s gymnastics team captain in 2012 and 2016 and six- time Olympic medalist, Raisman will provide creative input on designs as an ambassador for the Heart-Full Hands Jewelry brand.

The jewelry collection, featuring the international gesture of two hands held together in the shape of a heart, resonates with Raisman’s core values and has been featured on both Boston’s WCVB 5 show, “Chronicle” and on, “The Rhode Show.”  As team captain and the oldest of four, Raisman understands the importance of teamwork and inclusion to reach a common goal. “I’m excited to join the Heart-Full Hands team, It represents what can be accomplished by sharing the power of love and respect for one another,” said Raisman.

David Sardelli, creator of the collection said, “It’s so exciting to be promoting this positive message at a time when the world can really use more love.  We are proud to team up with Aly, she is the perfect example of what it means to demonstrate gratitude and respect both in her sport and the community.”  Heart-Full Hands will spread the love with the sale of each item by making a donation of 20% of their profits to a scholarship fund benefiting the local community.

The complete collection launched October 12 @ Heartfullhandsjewelry.com

Rings, necklaces & bracelets will also be available this fall  at over 800 stores across the country.

Manufacturing is being done by The Lee’s Morvillo Group, a fifth generation family jewelry manufacturing company in Providence.  Sardelli’s choice to have the collection locally produced fulfills his goals to create local jobs, fund education in his local community and bring “Hearts and Hands” together in a global awareness of gratitude.

Watch this heartfelt report.

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