life-goes-onLooking after a sick loved one can be a most challenging feat. In Dr. Rosalie Contino’s novel, “As Life Goes On: Lessons One Doesn’t Want to Have to Learn,” she shares her poignant memories with her brother, Bob, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The further the illness declined, the more Rosalie’s patience was tested. Yet through it all, she cared for Bob and began to love and treasure their memories, no matter how short the time. This story is about making the most out of a difficult situation and transforming into a better person despite trying circumstances.

“What a lovely book. It is wonderful to read about the times the siblings shared and the wealth of learning and love Rosalie took with her long after Bob was gone,” stated a pleased reader.

With page after page of endearing anecdotes, readers will thoroughly love the pleasant stories of Bob and Rosalie.

“As Life Goes On: Lessons One Doesn’t Want to Have to Learn”
Written by Rosalie H. Contino, PhD
Paperback | $9.99
Hardcover | $24.99

Book copies are available at,,, and other online book retailers.

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