celiatlemundo-1476736056-640x853All 80 episodes of Celia, the Spanish-language telenovela produced by Fox Telecolombia, based on the life of Cuban singer Celia Cruz, are now available on Netflix—with English subtitles.

I have watched all 80 episodes and enjoyed every minute of it!

Many of us  know the beginnings of her passion for singing in Cuba in the late fifties and her recognition as the most decisive singer of La Sonora Matancera. Leaving Cuba with her husband Pedro Knight, the series showcases how her career conquered markets in other languages as she became one of the most recognized Salsa singers of all time.

She honored the musical genre with her signature phrase “azucar”. The series show cases her love and longing for her Cuban country hoping a change would come during her lifetime. Celia Cruz has become an invaluable legacy in the world in which she had been crowned as the Queen of Guarachera around the world.

The series also shows the brutality of the revolution in Cuba unlike anything I have seen. We get to experience the pain her exile gave her during her career. One of the true delights  of the series is watching her love for her husband Pedro Knight blossom, grow and endure.

I think you owe yourself the opportunity to check it out. It is a business lesson, history lesson and relationship guide.


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