footballWith Super Bowl Sunday quickly approaching, millions of people plan to go out to a local bar to watch the game.  In addition, tens of millions of people are planning to attend a football party and will then go out.

As you make your plans, consider these 7 safety tips:

  1. Go out in a group – When friends go out in a group, they are able to help one another if someone in the group is in trouble. If you are going out alone or meeting someone you don’t know well, make sure someone knows where you are going, when you’ll be back, and how to reach you.
  2. Keep your phone charged You don’t know when your phone might be necessary. Keep it charged in case you need to call the police or a friend.
  3. Stay Sober – Never drink so much that your safety is compromised. Make sure you are able to get home.
  4. Check out the reputation of the place you are going to – Nothing is worse than going somewhere new and feeling uneasy.  A good way to avoid this is to check out the Yelp reviews of the establishment.
  5. Don’t drink and drive – Driving impaired is illegal and you could seriously hurt yourself, the people in your car, and bystanders, therefore, take an Uber, Lyft, car service, or taxi.  These days getting a ride is easy and inexpensive!
  6. Alert the staff if someone is bothering you – Sometimes people you don’t know might get aggressive when drinking. If someone isn’t taking the hint to leave you alone, tell a member of the staff; it is safer than confronting them yourself. If they attempt to follow you if you leave, call 9-1-1.
  7. Keep an eye on your drink – Only accept a drink given to you by the bartender directly.  The use of inhibiting drugs isn’t just a stranger phenomenon; sometimes people you think are your friend can have agendas you don’t know abo

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