the-lucky-fewHeather Avis, founder of popular Instagram account, @macymakesmyday, is sharing the story of how she and her husband became adoptive parents to their three children, Macyn, Truly and August – two of which have Down syndrome – and recounts the joys that come out of being willing to accept the unexpected in her debut book, The Lucky Few: Finding God’s Best in the Most Unlikely Places.

In The Lucky Few,Avis is upfront with readers that she was broken hearted as a young married woman after learning she would not be able to have children. She never planned to adopt, especially not children with special needs. While her path to motherhood was completely unexpected, today she is incredibly grateful for the journey.

“The three children Josh and I have the privilege of parenting today are not the ones I would have found on the path I had set out for myself,” said Avis. “They are my wildflowers, pushing their way through the dirt and stretching up to the sun. My wildflowers have required me to be a certain kind of wild myself—the kind of wild I couldn’t have become on my own. Today I can see I was created for profound experiences far beyond the reach of simple expectations.”

Avis confesses that it has not been an easy path, with the stressful adoption process and the added complications of Macyn and August’s health struggles related to Down syndrome, she and her husband had to learn to rely on their faith to make it through the darkest times. Throughout The Lucky Few, Avis recounts the steps in their journey and even though many of them were harrowing, she is extremely grateful for the lessons she has learned along the way and would not change a thing.

“I wake up every day excited and a tiny bit terrified as I look forward to hearing God’s call,” said Avis. “Upon first glance at my rambunctious children, the ones jumping on my bed, ready for the day before the sun has come up, I’m reminded of just how lucky I am to be in this place and in this time. I think about how lucky all of us are when we finally allow God to gently push us toward the places where He’s waiting to be discovered.”

The Lucky Few will be available at retailers nationwide on March 21, 2017.

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