From children to adults, many have speculated what it would be like to talk to animals. In Ann W. Phillips’ new children book “Friends are Everywhere,” the protagonist suddenly discovers that she can not only have conversations with her dog and cat, but all of the other animals near her home.

Following an accident, Cheryl is recovering from her injuries and spends most of her time at home. She enjoys sitting by the window and watching the animals outside. One day, a blue jay comes over and starts talking to Cheryl.

This event opens a whole new world to Cheryl as she learns of her ability to talk to animals.

“All of the animals teach Cheryl a lesson about the many gifts God blessed them with to make their own way in life,” said Phillips. “Their many instincts help guide what they are and how they go about their daily lives.”

When Cheryl goes to the hospital for an operation, the animals all work together to make a special gift for their friend on Christmas day.

“Friends are Everywhere” emphasizes the importance of respecting all living things, helping friends out of kindness, and having faith in God.


“Friends are Everywhere”

By Ann W. Phillips

ISBN: 978-1-48970-974-5 (softcover)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and LifeRich Publishing

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