NEW Innovative Gadget Cleans Just About Anything

When it comes to one-stop cleaning, look no further than the BUMP IT OFF. BUMP IT OFF is a reusable silicone sleeve that fits in the palm of your hand, giving you scrubbing power that you can use anywhere. Use the fine bristled side to clean stains off silk and linen, dirt off mushrooms, pet hair off upholstery . . . use the big bristled side to brush your pets, clean your grill grate, even yourself! The uses are endless!

This summer, don’t break a sweat to keep you and your home looking its best – save yourself time with BUMP IT OFF! With the perfect fit in the palm of your hand, the concentrated power of scrubbing makes it easier than ever to wipe, scrub, and clean the havoc that any outdoor summer activities may bring into your home.

Tracking sand into your home from the beach? Scrub it off before it comes in with this tough tool! With the versatility of this sturdy silicone sleeve, you can brighten your BBQ, clean woven patio furniture, and even have time to exfoliate your skin before showing it off in the sun. Not sure how it works? It’s simple – check out this video for a quick tutorial!

Staying on top of your house cleaning during summer can be such a chore. Discover the different ways BUMP IT OFF makes it a breeze: 

Reusable silicone– Made with gentle bristles on one side and smooth bumps on the other, it’s perfect for any cleaning!

Versatile– Use on your toughest laundry stains, scrub your dishes without scratching, groom your pets and collect their fur, or cleanse and exfoliate your own body!

Eco-friendlyNo more wasting paper towels or water while doing your everyday chores – this tool is dishwasher safe and can be reused for just about everything!

Fun colors- Brighten up your cleaning with their fun colors. BUMP IT OFF comes in green, blue, orange and purple!

Brush dust and muck away with the power of scrubbing in the palm of your hand. Keep you and your home clean with BUMP IT OFF!

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