After working with and being associated to such Artists as *NSYNC, Chaka Khan, Justin Timberlake and even Stevie Wonder, BRYAN POPIN has seen & been around both the heights of fame and prosperity, yet has also experienced the lows and heartache of financial hardship, rejection, insecurities and personal drought. Through each of these seasons, Popin has learned to trust and rely on his faith and spiritual upbringing.

Popin was first introduced to his signature instrument, the piano, at the age of five in his hometown, Middletown, New Jersey. He spent hours every day practicing in his family’s home under the guidance of his mother who was a pianist, choir director and the source of his family’s love of music. Early on, Popin gravitated towards church songs and spiritual hymns – he didn’t have an ear for music but became quite adept at sight-reading and by age 9, could eloquently play through a Chopin Polonaise or Mozart Sonata, just not without the music in front of him.

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