Fathers Matter More Than You Know

From the very moment a baby girl is born into the world, her father can have an amazing impact on her life. From the first time she wraps her tiny little hand around his finger to the time he walks her down the aisle and beyond, this man’s presence, involvement, and character will help mold and shape her into the woman she will become.

Meg Meeker, M.D. in her book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters lists the following facts:

– Toddlers securely attached to fathers are better at solving problems.

– Six-month old babies score higher on tests of mental development if their dads are involved in their lives.

– With dads present in the home, kids manage school stress better.

– Girls whose fathers provide warmth and control achieve higher academic success.

Girls who are close to their fathers exhibit less anxiety and withdrawn behaviors.A father’s involvement in a daughter’s life has a big impact on her sexual activity as reflected in the information above. Girls who do not get male attention and affection from their fathers will often turn to sex to fill this void and need.


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