The Twitter Battle Rages And Rome Burns

At every point in our social evolution, bully’s have managed to rule for a short time before falling victim to harsh lessons. A pair of tweets from President Trump on Thursday morning in which he insulted an MSNBC host’s intelligence and appearance, proved to be beneath the dignity of of the office of the President.

He tweeted:

Sometimes all it takes to persuade those in charge to back down is to convince them that should things actually come to a fight, they will lose. If I were the Republicans in  Senate and Congress I would be thinking about this.

Abuses of power persist until the individuals or institutions perpetrating them realize that they are facing a greater force. That force need not be, and usually is not, entirely material. As Gandhi,Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela proved, an important part of that force can be the moral might of an aroused citizenry.

I cannot imagine how embarrassed some of his supporters must be privately.

Which party fulfills the progressive or conservative role is secondary compared to the overarching need to maintain social and political civility. A society that doesn’t trust anyone with authority loses its ability to coordinate and execute complicated tasks in a timely fashion. We are teetering on the edge.

Parties of the left and the right continue to vie with each other for votes, but candidates who demonize their opponents are themselves discredited. The obsession with celebrity has invaded every facet of our lives. After all, that is what social media has evolved in to. The President of the United States uses twitter like Al Capone used a baseball bat. He beats people into either swinging back or a pulpy mess.

The classlessness always existed. We just get to see and hear more thanks to technology like hidden cameras, rogue mics, more bloggers and sites like YouTube. Greed, power, free medical, big business interests, republicans who cannot negotiate on anything including themselves, democrats who cannot see the anything useful to closing the boarders and on and on and on. This may be the land of the free but it is also the land of the politically insane!

Unfortunately people tend to vote for those with promises, not with sense.People are allowed to yell out “you lie!” at a Presidential address, people having scandalous affairs while being the “Family Values” platform, the extremes are getting more extreme.

In other words, we are watching the ultimate tragic comedy.  We do not look for unity as a nation but what’s in it for me and we elect the people that can bring the most to our state and the heck with the rest.

Unity and morality do not exist in our vocabulary as it has been replaced with money, property and prestige.  We as a nation have to end the triviality.

Pope Francis tweeted in May 2014:

I ask everyone with political responsibility to remember two things: human dignity and the common good.

This morning the President rejected dignity.

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