RushCard and Russell Simmons Announce Recipients for Keep the Peace Annual Grant Program

UniRush, LLC has selected this year’s grant recipients for RushCard’s Keep the Peace initiative, an annual program that supports nonprofit, community-based organizations and coalitions across the country that have developed unique and successful models for reducing violence in their neighborhoods, especially among young people. Grant recipients have been chosen in New York CityLos AngelesChicagoAtlanta and Cincinnati. 

“Young people continue to die at alarming rates across the country due to senseless violence in our communities. It is essential to connect with youth and spread the message of peace wherever we can,” said Russell Simmons, Co-founder of RushCard. “I am so proud that RushCard is supporting these organizations in their tireless work to reduce violence, promote peace and create safe communities for our young people to thrive.”

This year’s RushCard-supported initiatives include a visit to the Rikers Island youth detention facility and rally with LIFE Camp in New York City, an inspirational presentation and pledge for peace with Community Coalition in Los Angeles, community peacekeeping training with The Peacekeepers in Chicago and Atlanta and a community outreach event with Boys Hope Girls Hope in Cincinnati. Each initiative will receive $25,000 to $50,000 from RushCard to help support and expand peacekeeping efforts and create opportunities to empower young people in their communities.

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