Gotta Have: Sound Oasis Is More Than Just A Sound Maker

For years I have heard about machines,speaker and headphones that would drown out the noise and allow a peaceful sleep.If you live in the city, trust me you long for nothing but a peaceful sleep. The phrase white noise has become a cliche to mean sound that drowns out noise.

Sound Oasis® group is the world leader in sound therapy systems.

I have found one of the their products that must be added to your home. It’s the  Sound Oasis’ Bluetooth® Sleep Sound Therapy System.

I know, I know, you have proably heard it all, but I promise this is different. The first thing you notice is  the very nice sleek look. It sets up really nice on your end table next to your bed.

The sound is amazing. It literally fills your room with peace. The three sounds I enjoyed the most that lulled me literally to sleep were as follows:

  • Summer Night was a familiar and consistent sound environment.
  • White Noise was just the right amount of calm to Create a peaceful, all night sleep environment.
  • Ocean Sound was simply wonderful.

It is easy to use. You can create your own sound experience by selecting a few sounds for a custom sound card. Just insert the new card into your Bluetooth speaker’s SD card slot and enjoy a tailored relaxation session. I was amazed by the simplicity. It wasn’t hard at all.  

The rest of the system made a similar impression. I was able to play music from my phone via blue tooth as well.

The system Includes:

  • Sound system
  • USB cable
  • Charger/Wall plug
  • SD card preloaded with 10 of our best sounds

I’ve spent enough time listening to audio systems that attempt to fake great sound to know that you usually  can’t get the level of immersion from a small speaker that you will get from some larger ones. This feature surprised me. I was able to listen to a full concierto without hearing any of the tinny sound you normally get from small speakers.

On my 5 star scale this earned 5 stars. It delivered far and above any expectations I had. You get the five qualities.

  1. You get a great sleep inducer.
  2. A good looking machine.
  3. A very nice speaker.
  4. Simple clear instructions.
  5. Quality sounds.

You can purchase the one that best fits your price range here.


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