Miami Mass Choir Debuts International Video ‘Good News/Buenas Nuevas’

The Stellar award-winning Miami Mass Choir launches into new international territory with the release of their latest music video to the song Good News/Buenas Nuevas featuring Tony LeBron and Paula Coleman. Validating their mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and be a unifying cultural force.

Following the release of their latest Billboard Chart topping album; Miami Mass Choir Live at the Adrienne Arsht Center the Miami Mass choir releases the music video to Good News/Buenas Nuevas. The vibrant upbeat bilingual song features a mix of Gospel and Latin genre’s and was produced by Marc Cooper director of the Miami Mass Choir.

The video is directed by Chinedu “Mr. Chin” Ernesto and was filmed throughout Miami, highlighting the rich cultural diversity and heritage of the South Florida region. “With the Latin appeal of the song, and along with South Florida being a melting pot of many nationalities including the Cuban-American community, we wanted to feature the Little Havana area in this music video,” Marc Cooper explains. “There are so many venues in South Florida where you can just walk in and listen to incredible musicians, singers and performers. That’s where we got the concept idea, to walk in and discover the talented singers, invite them to rehearsal where they learn the song and join us in worship and our finale performance.”

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