Monday Morning Meditation: Second Monday Of Advent; Don’t Hold On To Grudges

The Lord Jesus is ever ready to bring us healing of body, mind, and soul. His grace brings us freedom from the power of sin and from bondage to harmful desires and addictions.

Do you allow anything to keep you from Jesus’ healing power?

Forgiveness can be a wonderful thing, but it’s often misunderstood. In the Lord’s Prayer, we ask God to forgive our trespasses (or debts) as we forgive others, so it’s a process we’re committed to. We know that we are sinners, relying on God’s mercy, and we want to show that same mercy to others, but forgiving is a tough business. When we are deeply hurt—not just jostled on the street—it’s not so easy to say, “no problem,” because it is a problem.

As forgiven people, we are forgiving people. God can work miracles of healing in our hearts.

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