Third Sunday Of Advent’s Lesson: Joy is In the Little Things

We welcome this third Sunday of Advent which is called ‘Gaudete Sunday’. For the past two weeks we have heard of the Lord’s coming as judge of all at the end of time. The  penitential purple presents in palor everywhere during this season to help us realize our part in turning from God’s covenant and participating in acts of darkness (sin), although pink or rose may be worn on this “Gaudete” Sunday.

When John the Baptist announced the imminent coming of God’s Anointed One, the Messiah, the religious leaders questioned his authority to speak so boldly in God’s name. They asked him bluntly, “Who are you?” and “What do you say about yourself?” They wanted to know if he was really sent by God. Did he claim to be the Messiah or one of the great prophets who was expected to return and announce the Messiah’s arrival (see Malachi 4:5, Deuteronomy 18:15)? John had no doubt and no mistaken identity about his call and mission. In all humility and sincerity he said he was only a voice bidding people to get ready for the arrival of the greatest Ruler of all, God’s anointed King and Messiah.

When things are going really well in your life, we  enjoy yourself.  During this is a time of Advent we should  build memories that will sustain us during difficulties.If you’re a Christian, the Spirit gives you soaring delight in Christ. His beauty and greatness thrill your soul.

That is what this Sunday means. Choose today whom you will serve.

Look to God and his will for every good gift in your life

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