Catholic Medical Association Announces Appointment of First Female Editor

pixabayThe Linacre Quarterly, is the official journal of the Catholic Medical Association. Continuously published since 1934, TheLinacre Quarterly is the oldest journal in existence dedicated to medical ethics providing a forum in which faith and reason analyze and resolve ethical issues in health care, with a focus in clinical practice and research.

In a historic moment they appointed their first female editor.

Dr. Golder, the first female editor in the peer reviewed 86-year history, served five years as Treasurer of the Florida Medical Association and Medical-Legal Editor Journal of the Florida Medical Association.  In addition to her many accomplishments as a physician, she is also an attorney, served on the National Advisory Council of the USCCB and is the author of a mystery series featuring Catholic themes, the most recent installment of which explored the issue of assisted suicide.

“With rapid changes in medical care and a health care system that is often indifferent, and sometimes hostile, to the concerns of religious caregivers and patients, I see the Linacre Quarterly as an essential voice of reason and dignity, as well as a venue for dialog on the emerging issues of the day. I am honored to be a part of this mission to bring Christ to the bedside and I ask your prayers as I undertake this new position,” said Dr. Golder.


Drawing from the rich tradition of Catholic bioethics, the Linacre Quarterly brings a holistic approach to the patient, integrating findings from clinical medicine with psychology, sociology, and faith to make clear bioethical issues and their impact on patients, healthcare workers, and medical systems.

“Dr. Golder brings an impressive array of talents, skills and experience to her new position,” said CMA President, Dr. Peter Morrow. “She is a committed Catholic who has both medical and legal degrees with an expertise in bioethics. Dr. Golder is passionate about making bioethical principles applicable to patient care at the bedside.”

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