Mid Day Meditation: Remember To Breathe

Breathing is a miracle we don’t stop to think about very much. It’s involuntary; we just do it.

That is something that we do to live. There is another type of breathing you need to do. It is breathing within our spirit.

Spiritual breathing is like physical breathing in that we

“Exhale” by confessing our sins immediately to God and claiming His forgiveness. No worries here. Let go of your baggage and embrace the positive. Take a moment and be better.

“Inhale” by asking the Holy Spirit to control and empower us and to keep us from returning to sin. Listen to your spirit.

Usually, we don’t think about our physical breathing. But spiritual breathing is something that requires conscious action — a readiness to “exhale” (confess our sin), and to “inhale” (trust God to fill us with His Holy Spirit).

I know life is hard. Trust me.

The Scriptures record a lot of suffering because God’s people have never been free of it, not even from the kinds and degrees that can overwhelm God’s most stalwart saints. Indeed, when Job’s suffering seemed to him to be never ending, he actually accused God of keeping him from catching his breath.

Yet his story finally conveys that, as awful as his situation was, much of what he needed to hear was something like this: “Breathe! Don’t panic! Slow yourself down! Don’t take everything to be as it seems. And don’t irrationally conclude that things will never get better.”

So breathe.

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