5 Easy Last-Minute V-Day Gift Guide Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Here are some last minute gifts you can still give.
1. Giving The Key To Your Heart — And Your Apartment!
For people dating, who are ready to elevate the relationship to the next level, KeyMe.com can help this holiday (or any other time). KeyMe has a great new service where you can scan your brass home key using their app, send it up to the Cloud, and email your information to your significant other. He or she then can find a KeyMe Kiosk at many different retail locations — Bed, Bath and Beyond, 7-Eleven, Albertson’s, etc. — and have the key printed there in 30 seconds flat. If you’re looking to promote a fun, unusual, easy and inexpensive gift for Valentine’s Day, this is it. Here’s a video explaining the process: https://blog.key.me/send-a-key-to-a-friend-with-the-keyme-app/.
Price: Starts at $2.99, depending on the key. Car keys, keycards, and FOBs can be copied, too. For more info., go to KeyMe.com.

2. Send A Bear Hug Care Package, $49.99, GourmetGiftBaskets.com

If your Valentine is far away — at college, across the country, or in the military — he or she needs a little love from afar. This Bear Hug Care Package would be perfect to inspire a smile.
This is the gift to get your Valentine if you really don’t know what else to select, as it’s a great, big, heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie (or the equivalent of 30 regular-sized cookies). 
Remember the little candy hearts with the messages on them? Well, imagine one of them that’s a heart-shaped brownie cake and you have this very yummy gift that’s big enough to share.
Want a great gift for just about any man? This is it. It’s a bucket replete with six micro brew beers, Honey Mustard gourmet popcorn, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper gourmet popcorn, beef jerky and other snacks.  

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