6 Ways To Celebrate National Strawberry Day

The strawberry is not, from a botanical point of view, a berry. Technically, it is an aggregate accessory fruit, meaning that the fleshy part is derived not from the plant’s ovaries but from the receptacle that holds the ovaries.[4] Each apparent “seed” (achene) on the outside of the fruit is actually one of the ovaries of the flower, with a seed inside it.

Here are six ways to celebrate this famed fruit.

  1. Pick up a pouch of YumEarth Organic Gluten Free Strawberry Licorice to get the taste of real strawberries with every bite.
  2. Accessorize your February fashion with strawberry earrings.
  3. Blast Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles all day – for the true strawberry lovers, check out the actual Strawberry Fields in Central Park.
  4. Head over to your local library or bookstore and read The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear.
  5. Keep your lips luscious with strawberry lip balm.
  6. Do all of your writing with strawberry scented pens for the day.

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