‘Year Of Living Biblically ‘ [REVIEW]

The series chronicles a married film critic and expectant father’s decision to become born again by living his life according to the Holy Bible after the death of his best friend.

Episode 1 opened up with Chip going to confession and facing a huge life crisis. The cast is filled with wonderful talents.  The show is smart and savvy. It does not make fun of religion but, approaches it with a zeal of a new comer welcoming the Light.

Father Gene and Rabbi Gil Ableman deliver refreshing portrayals as men of faith.

I think the show is smart and faces topical issues head on. The first show deals with infidelity, atheism and death. When you see it, you’ll be a believer – that you can talk about religion and have a few laughs in the process!

The show airs Mondays at 9:30/8:30c.



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