Gotta Have: New Laundry Helper ‘Biz’ Saved My Socks

I love my socks. I have them in matching shades to go with my various outfits. When you live in New York City you commute in your sneakers and socks. When you get to work you change into your shoes.

If you are anything like me, you know socks sometimes can be the hardest to get clean. I commute everyday, so I change my socks everyday. The grime of New York City on my sneakers can wear you down!

You jump off and on trains, run down stairs and play dodge that puddle every day in New York City.

Needless to say, I have  to change my socks everyday. I have  plenty of socks.  If you read my pages you know, I talk a ton about socks. I even revealed my need for some specialty socks here.

Well, I found the perfect detergent to wash my socks in. Usually,  I come home, kick off my sneakers and pad around the house for a few minutes. Usually it’s about 25 minutes of running around  the first floor in my socks.

I was a little skeptical at first to be honest with you.  I  have used stain removers on my socks before that shall go nameless. They never really work as well as they claim. To be honest with you, as of late I have grown pretty frustrated. I was throwing out three to four pairs a week. It was becoming a drain on my pocket!

Well.. that was until ‘Biz’ arrived.

I filled my laundry bag with my socks and some unmentionables. (Yes, I still use that word.)  It worked.


Not only did it work,  it worked well.

How did I use it? I used Biz’ as a stain treatment.  I wet my socks. Working from the my heel and the way to the toes, I made sure I got them good and wet.  The smell was pretty nice. It didn’t have a chemical bitter smell.  Next, I  pretreated it with a liquid laundry detergent, using an up-and-down motion so as not to break the fabric.  The fabric strands were not strained. Sometimes when you pre treat you get a little stretch almost immediately when the detergent hits the cloth. There was no stretch here.

I poured half a cup of ‘Biz‘ in with my regular detergent, to wash my clothes. I washed my socks and intimates together. When I took them out, everything was stunningly clean. The color wasn’t washed out and there were no changes in patches. It even removed stains that I tried, unsuccessfully, to get out. That was a wonderful surprise for a camisole that I love!

I have tried a lot of cleaning products  and this is the only one that doesn’t irritate me either. Much of the time I am a hard critic but BIZ has won me over.  Next week I am going to use for Spring Cleaning!


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