Palm Sunday Is More Than The Start To Holy Week It Is Soul Reboot

Palm Sunday arrives every year with the proclamation of Hosanna!  The word Hosanna is an expression of adoration, praise, or joy. We enter Holy Week Praising and rejoicing and leave our respective services reflective and quiet.

That quiet invites a soul reboot. Prayer is the lifeblood of our relationship with God. We turn to God in prayer to express our gratitude for our joys, to mourn our losses, to ask forgiveness, to seek answers and to be healed.

God has a lot of things to say to all of us, but he puts things into the hearts and minds of anyone who is sincerely seeking to know him better. That is where rebooting your soul with prayer comes in. God exists in every moment of your perceived experience.

Reflect upon Him. Use the fact of the divine, immediate reality of God to lift you into the kind of grand, passive contemplation that is, after all, one of the sweetest glimpses of the next life afforded any of us in this.

Take your time. Start each day with prayer and follow it up on your breaks at work with a moment of prayer.

The lyrics to this song says it all:

And He says love me, love me with your whole heart/ He wants it all today
Serve me, serve me with your life now/ Bow down, let go of your idols

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