Thursday Morning Meditation: Jonathan McReynolds ‘Not Lucky, I’m Loved’


So I don’t thank, my lucky stars / But that’s not where, my blessings are
No they come from, the Father’s heart Not the sky, not chance, but truth is
I’m not lucky, I’m loved

The idea of luck brings up a difficult theological discussion: does God ordain everything that happens to us, or does He let nature and human choice play out to their inevitable end? The answer is a confusing “both.” We do often bear the repercussions of choices—ours and others—without the apparent interference of God. In other cases, He acts in a way we call “miracles.” How, when, and why He acts are usually hidden from us. But whether He ordained it or allowed it to happen, He did allow it. He is in control, orchestrating natural consequences and miracles in a way that will bring honor to Him and salvation to us.

I spoke with Jonathan yesterday afternoon and he displayed an honest refreshing observation on the maturity and gift that God has given him. He says, ‘You think differently when you set aside time to reflect on things that matter. You make time for things that matter. You know God’s love when you build upon the walk with him.”

Take a listen.


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