Kanye’s Interview Is a Heavy Lift of Luggage To Unpack

Just finished watching the 42 minutes of Kanye and I have a few things to say. I am struck by just how broken and not grounded in the real world he is. There was just so much to unpack.

When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice. Like, you were there for 400 years? And it’s all y’all?- Kanye West

Watch the entire interview:

Slavery is and was never a choice. Profit is the sole driving force behind the enslavement of people who are now victimized not because of their race, but because of their vulnerability: they are enslaved simply because they can be, their servitude no longer legitimated by reference to any standard of civilization but maintained by their poverty and illiteracy, the corruption of public authorities, and the ever-present threat of violence. The version of slavery is that it is fundamentally related to globalization. The mobility of capital allows multinational corporations and investors to seek cheap wages and high returns while consumers demand high-quality goods at ever lower prices. That slavery trickles over into the every day living of those of us who have to be one hundred times better and still not meet the bench marks of what greatness is. The man that you appeared to give a pass is not a good man and does not, nor has he ever judged anyone fairly.

The treatment of women in our communities rips at the fabric of this over arching belief that love can conquer all. How can love conquer all, when you don’t respect me enough to give me a fair wage and judge me fairly. The man you want us to love didn’t even love the women he was with enough to remain faithful. It begs questionable judgment of giving a stamp of ‘free thought’ support pass to him.

Love does not exist when you cannot get on the same playing field.

Ye does not have to work in the real world. Racism is not something that can be eradicated by having the right policies in a company. Whether it is a black woman who is informed that she is too aggressive, a Muslim man criticized for not drinking during social events or an Indian immigrant mocked for their accent, managers should be able to spot unfair criticism and hostility. It is a major reason why folks of color work harder at getting ahead. We are not where we should be as the young lady Ms. Candace Owen pointed out. It’s not because we keep looking back. It’s because people do not acknowledge the history that has presented the issues that have ingrained itself in our community.

On the subject of Kanye as a man, I feel for Kanye. I really do. I think the loss of his mother broke something deep in him. I think his soul is crying out for salve that this world cannot give. Going in for lipo, when your mother died because of a similar procedure just sounds MYSTIFYING. The death of a parent can send shock waves through your self-perception and reposition the mental space you occupy on the planet. The grief can be life changing.In our modern world just surviving can be hard work ADD the loss of a parent under awful, careless circumstances. To anyone who hasn’t lost their parents, here’s some news: you never get over it. I’m not trying to startle you. It’s a fact. You get through it, yes, and you’ll probably get used to it, but you don’t get over it. A piece of your life puzzle has been removed and, however much you rearrange the other pieces, they never quite fit in the same way again. Grief can do strange things to you. I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist. I am a woman who lost the greatest identifying marker in my life. I lost my mother and I know I am not the same.

I get it, but how Ye has arranged his life is dangerous and his words are dangerous. When you have the platform he does,  he is risking using his platform for the good he desires to give, by not understanding the place he has and the power he wields. Van was right. There are people who give their lives everyday to make others better. Those are the people who bring love to the world. They are the hands of God in real time. Guarding ourselves from being tainted by any  misconception is what Kanye missed. It was poor judgment to put the hat on.

An occasion of poor judgment can place you in real  danger. For instance, if someone knows that he tends, once he starts drinking, to drink to the point of drunkenness, but he has no problem refraining from ordering the first drink, having dinner in a restaurant where alcohol is served might be a  occasion of poor judgment. We don’t have to avoid remote occasions  unless we think that may become something more.

By all accounts, our leader in the executive office  is guilty of avarice. Avarice “is the inordinate love of having possessions or riches.” A person, motivated by greed, is preoccupied with having and having more. A greedy person attaches such value to wealth and possessions that the accumulation and retention of them become the major goal of life and take priority over everyone and everything else. Greed comes in different forms: For instance, some are greedy with material things, always wanting more and only giving the surplus, the “little tip,” the something that will not be missed. Some are greedy with time, only doing what will benefit them in some way. Some are greedy in their relationships, collecting people for status or using people for advantage. A person easily becomes hard-hearted and blind to the needs of those less fortunate. Sparked by greed, a person can take on a sense of self-sufficiency, complacency and independence of God.

Kanye needs to be conscious of the influence and power he has and be aware that certain actions are not permissible for him.

Van said it best in responding to Kanye:

“I actually don’t feel think you’re thinking anything. I think what you’re doing right now is actually the absence of thought. The reason that I feel that is because Kanye, you’re entitled to you’re opinion. You’re entitled to believe whatever you want, but there is fact and real world real life consequence behind everything that you just said,”

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