NYC Comptroller Questions: “Why is Airbnb afraid of the truth?”

In case you missed it, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer wrote an op-ed, published in the New York Daily News yesterday, responding to Airbnb’s personal attacks against him and his office subsequent to a released report showing New York City renters had to pay an additional $616 million in 2016 due to price pressures created by Airbnb.

Yesterday, the Comptroller responded to these baseless claims writing:

“Airbnb, the global home-sharing site, is suddenly declaring that it is shocked — shocked! — that a report from my office has suggested that the company’s thousands of daily listings are serving to drive up rents in New York City by taking otherwise affordable apartments off the market.”

“The company’s flacks are even warning — in threatening letters and malicious Twitter rants — that our data may have been “manipulated” or “improperly obtained” by some nefarious, unnamed third party.”

“To which I say to Airbnb: Your arguments are as overheated as they are underwhelming. And while you’re at it, it’s time to change up your reflexively defensive playbook.”

We need more fearless leaders like Comptroller Stringer to stand up for their constituents, and refuse to be swayed by Airbnb’s bullying and misleading tactics.

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