Church Law & Tax, a ministry of Christianity Today, has just launched ChurchSalary, a new compensation-setting website. The site gives churches confidence in determining equitable compensation levels and provides church staff with clarity to ensure their pay is fair.

Featuring a Salary Calculator, the site invites church leaders or staff to input key information about the church (size, budget, etc.) and the particular position they’re interested in (years of experience, education level, etc.). Immediately, a personalized salary report is generated, utilizing data from ChurchSalary’s compensation database—the largest of its kind.

The reports themselves include information such as Cost of Living Adjustment, Median Household Income, comparative benefits, comparable job salary ranges, and more.
One beta tester had this to say about ChurchSalary: “It’s an excellent tool for churches and church workers to evaluate their compensation against norms and to become better informed in making employment and salary decisions.”

The site also offers additional compensation-related resources, such as a debt calculator, a retirement calculator, informative articles about church and personal finances, and ministry position reports.

The data used to create the ChurchSalary database was compiled through the National Church Compensation Survey. The survey will continue to remain active even as expiring data is removed from the database to ensure ongoing accuracy.

Churches can opt for annual access to ChurchSalary—with unlimited reports—for only $99 per year. Small churches and individuals can purchase one-time individualized reports for $24.95 each.

ChurchSalary was developed with a $750,000 grant awarded to Church Law & Tax by Lilly Endowment Inc. The grant was given as a part of the Lilly Endowment’s National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders in order to support Church Law & Tax’s ongoing work to help set fair and reasonable church staff compensation.

For additional resources that Church Law & Tax offers to help pastors and church staff with compensation, visit

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