Revolutionary products by Thermacell Repellent Inc., are changing the landscape of the repellent industry by offering non-topical mosquito repellent options and a July application of Tick Tubes provides protection for next year!

EPA registered for proven efficacy and safety, all Thermacells keep you from being bugged when trying to enjoy the outdoors by providing portable, scent-free and powerful mosquito protection.  New this season the Patio Shield and Radius works in minutes and protect for hours. Thermacell’s Tick Tubes work with nature to rid your yard of ticks.

Thermacell Repellents is the Leading Area Repellent…check-out these two new products

image002Patio Shield Repeller

·         Repels mosquitoes in a 15-foot-by-15-foot zone of protection in minutes

·         Silent, virtually odor-free, no open flame

·         Use Thermacell butane cartridge refills for mosquito repellent function; each cartridge lasts up to 12 hours

·         Includes 3 mats providing 12 total hours of repellency (4 hours each)

·         Available in 5 colors; MSRP $24.99


Thermacell Radius

·         image001Rechargeable USB Lithium-ion battery,      automatic shut off timer

·         Cordless, lightweight, minimalist design

·      Fast acting – the zone of protection forms in just minutes with up to six hours of run time per charge

·         Long-life refills available, up to 40 hours each

·         Air-travel friendly; MSRP $$49.99.




Thermacell Tick Solution

Perfect for protection from ticks in your backyard and will also protect your pets from these blood suckers!


·         Controls ticks that may carry Lyme Disease

·         Kills ticks early in their life cycle

·         Reduces tick populations up to 90%

Quick to Apply

·         Apply to yard in under 10 minutes

•       No set-up or clean-up

•       Only 2 applications needed a year; spring and summer

Targeted Solution

•       Targets ticks, not friendly insects

•       Reduces ticks without spraying the yard

•           Affordable

•           2 applications for a ¼ acre lot costs $50/yr.

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