Freedom Friday: Stop Apologizing And Be True To You

When you get to a certain age you become aware of who you are.

God loves honesty. But honesty is often just the beginning of living truthfully. Because being honest doesn’t necessarily mean we believe what is true. It merely means we speak and live consistently with what we do believe — however consistent or inconsistent what we believe is with reality.

We are made to live with integrity — where our inner beings align with our outer beings. That makes honesty the beginning of the real work. God does want us to be honest, even when what we really believe is not good. It’s better to be honest than deceptive. But that’s not the honesty God is after — to honestly believe something that’s false. That kind of honesty won’t set us free. Truth is what sets us free. God’s truth.

If you feel like you’re living a lie, forgive yourself. It’s OK! So many of us feel the same way. In fact, learning how to be true to yourself is all a part of the human growth experience. When we come into this life we are practically destined to live inauthentic lives at some point. Often, we need to first discover who we’re not being authentic in order to uncover who we truly are deep inside. So don’t worry. There’s nothing “wrong” with you. You aren’t at fault. But now that you have woken up out of the dream, it’s time to do some serious soulwork.

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