BizWe all like to stretch a dollar. I have been telling you for a while how great Biz is. I am not just saying that.

Linens are softer.

My linens are softer, cleaner and more vibrant. The  liquid is the perfect way to apply to smudge areas. If you add Biz to the prewash it adds a dash more softness to the wash too!

My socks have longer lives.

I wear my socks around the house  and dirt can get really grounded in. Biz has taken care of my worries on that. They truly get them right out of the package clean. Before Biz, I was buying new socks every  other week. Now, all I do is pre treat the bottoms and toss them in. They come out clean.

My clothes are no longer in danger of destruction.

My clothes are in better condition. I no longer fear getting makeup on my blouses and sweaters. You invest so much in getting the right size, the last thing you want to do is get makeup on something and ruin it.  Biz has saved my wardrobe. I could’t be happier and I spend less time focused on staining my clothes. That’s one less stress.

It helps clean the tile on my floor.

I discovered another great use for Biz. It is great to add a capful of Biz to wash the floor. It gives the room a nice scent and partner with the washing fluid. It has shown to be the best floor cleaner for my tiles.


If you haven’t tried it, you need to get it. I promise that you truly will benefit.

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