Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 1.20.22 PMRest. Yes, even I struggle with rest.  When you rest you find peace.

There’s no getting around the fact that we live in an always-spinning world. We yearn for quietness in our souls – but, often, that deep rest seems out of our reach.

I certainly understand that most people have a tremendous amount of stress because of seemingly unending responsibilities.


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The clock ticks fast everyday as I move from breakfast , to lunch, to dinner and then back to breakfast time once again.  The calendar pages flip faster and faster.

Maybe you need to be needed and chronically sign up for more than what your soul’s capacity will allow. Maybe you consistently neglect to carve out time to spend with God each day, or you “come down” from a work week in a less-than-stellar way. Think about your own life-your own daily ebbs and flows. What rhythms aren’t serving you well? Which could stand to be adjusted or altogether removed? On a sheet of paper or in your journal, jot down the unhealthy rhythms that come to mind.

Speed is the single greatest threat to a healthy life, and it is also our greatest defense. We think if we can keep going, keep moving, keep plowing ahead, our conscience won’t have time to catch us because—ha, ha!—we’ll already be long gone.

And the reality is, this approach actually works. But only for a time. We must be able to live in an easy rhythm between give and take. If we cannot learn to live and breathe in this rhythm, we will place ourselves in grave danger. Maybe even the literal grave.

Trust me, I struggle with this too. I hope you take a moment to rest today.


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