Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 1.20.22 PMThe Scriptures tell us that there are ultimately only two kingdoms in this world which are opposed to one another – the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. Each kingdom is ruled by one lord or master – the Lord Jesus Christ who is the true “Light of the World” – or the false messiah and ruler who is called the “anti-Christ” and an “angel of light” who rules by lies and deception.
If we serve the Lord Jesus Christ he will open our eyes to the light of his truth and guide us on the course that leads to our true homeland and security with God. If we follow the course which is set by the world – a world which is opposed to Christ and blinded by Satan – then we will discover that sin, pride, and greed will lead us down a path of destruction, division, and death rather than life, community, and freedom.

A survey revealed that 76 percent of Americans believed they had been completely faithful to the first commandment. In other words, they might have problems with some of the other commandments, but for them, the first commandment was not a problem. But is that true? It’s hard to say.

You see, everyone has a god. Everyone, including atheists, bows at some altar. We don’t all worship the true God, but we all worship. Everyone has something they believe in, some passion that drives them, something that gives their life meaning and purpose. For some, their god is possessions or money. Others worship their bodies. They worship at the church of the perfect physique. Still others worship success or pleasure or relationships. But we all worship someone or something.

Which kingdom will you serve – today and for all eternity? The world which passes away or God’s kingdom which lasts for all time? If we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and King we become citizens of an everlasting kingdom which is governed by God’s righteousness, peace, and love. Is your life submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ?

“Lord Jesus Christ, you are my King and there is no other. Be the Lord and Master of my heart, mind, body, and soul. May I always seek to do your will and to serve your kingdom above all else.”

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