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As anyone who follows any of televisions many home flipping shows can tell you, renovating homes to sell for profit is an incredibly popular and lucrative business. America’s abundance of homes left empty or in disrepair means that the market is ripe with ideal projects. However to many the level of investment, plus the skills and knowledge required make this an all too daunting project for a first time flipper.

This is where Recon Realty’s founders Andy and Ashley Williams come in. As hosts of HGTV’s Flip or Flop Fort Worth they know a thing or two about making a living from real estate and began Recon Realty in order to provide an important service.

As military veterans themselves, they were able to use their expert knowledge in real estate to successfully transition back to civilian life and begin raising their family. With an average of 250,000 veterans a year entering the public workforce, Andy and Ashley saw an opportunity to change the conversation on military transition and empower veterans to succeed and prosper.

  • Their Veterans Buy America initiative has one simple goal; to empower the 5% of Americans that defend this country to take ownership of 1% of it’s housing stock.

Backed by a coalition of corporate partners that give unprecedented access to training, capital, advisors, tools and multiple resources, Recon Realty will redeploy veterans into neighborhoods with a surplus of dilapidated homes. Thus giving the veteran a clearly defined mission, effectively reintegrating them into society, while positively impacting the economy. In less than 5 years, Recon Realty hope to have empowered 10,000 veterans and injected up to $1 Billion in capital into communities that desperately need it.

The brave men and women that protect our great country deserve respect and assistance when they return to civilian life, Recon Realty will be there to guide them.


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