Civil Rights Leaders Day Gardner and Evangelist Alveda King Address #CovingtonBoys Controversy

The following statements are made by Day Gardner, President of National Black Pro-Life Union and Evangelist Alveda King:

Day Gardner:

Is this where we are right now? Has it really come down to what hat you happen to be wearing on any given day to determination if you are racist or not?

Recently, a group of high school students from Kentucky wearing Make America Great Again hats were demonized by the media who after viewing a short video clip stated the students were harassing a Native American. Adults including Elizabeth Warren, Billy Crystal, Shaun King chimed in with rants about those ‘racist MAGA hat wearing students.’

However, the full video showed quite another story. The Native American, Nathan Phillips, was very dishonest in his account of what happened. The video shows it was a group of adults who were the aggressors hurling F-bombs and other expletives as they approached the students who were waiting for a bus.

Former actress Alyssa Milano delivered the most asinine remark comparing the MAGA hat to a KKK hood. I can’t help but wonder if she ever read a history book. Unlike MAGA hat wearers, the KKK concealed their faces so that their identities would be hidden as they destroyed property, assaulted, tortured, and/or killed black people.

Alyssa, the MAGA hat is nothing like a KKK hood. Read a book for heaven’s sake!

Evangelist Alveda King had this to say:

More and more we are being asked to either accuse someone of being racist, or to defend someone who has been called a racist.

Actually, from the Bible’s point of view, until we all accept the scientific, philosophical, and spiritual truth that we are all one human race, one Blood, we’re all a little racist.

Think about it. As long as we continue to refer to ourselves in our separate ethnic groups as different races we will never break away from racism. Act 17:26 of the Bible (NIV) says, “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.” This is why MLK once suggested that we should be brothers and sisters, and not be foolish.

This recent altercation between the youths and the elders of different backgrounds is more proof positive that we need to come together; praying for all of our brothers and sisters; red hats, red lipstick, red shoes, white hoods… no matter.

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