monday meditationDo you approach the Lord Jesus with expectant faith or with skeptical doubt?

People in desperate or helpless circumstances were not disappointed when they sought Jesus out.

  • What drew them to Jesus?
  • Was it hope for a miracle or a word of comfort in their affliction?
  • What did the elderly woman who had suffered miserably for twelve years expect Jesus to do for her?

And what did a grieving father expect Jesus to do for his beloved daughter who was at the point of death? Jesus gave hope where there seemed to be no human cause for it because his hope was directed to God. He spoke words of hope to the woman (Take heart, daughter!) to ignite the spark of faith in her (your faith has made you well!).

Jesus also gave supernatural hope to a father who had just lost a beloved child. It took considerable courage and risk for the ruler of a synagogue to openly go to Jesus and to invite the scorn of his neighbors and kin. Even the hired mourners laughed scornfully at Jesus. Their grief was devoid of any hope. Nonetheless, Jesus took the girl by the hand and delivered her from the grasp of death.

In Jesus we see the infinite love of God extending to each and every individual as he gives freely and wholly of himself to each  person he meets.

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