pregnant-woman-1741636_960_720 Many couples struggle with infertility, and that is where surrogate mothers step in. Being a surrogate mother is an accomplishment and a gift that brings a deep sense of pride and fills someone’s life with the joy of helping others. This Mother’s Day, let us follow Joy of Life to give a heartfelt shout out to all of the surrogate mothers who have stepped forward to give the gift of family.

As surrogate mothers, they are considerate of others, they are compassionate, and they are strong communicators. Through the gift of surrogacy, they become part of a legacy that will impact a family’s life forever. Choosing to become a surrogate mother not only provides the lifelong gift of parenthood, but it can also make their parenthood journey less stressful if there is an established sense of trust and love between surrogate and intended parents.

“To me, being a surrogate — it is like you are carrying someone else’s dreams,” one surrogate at Joy of Life said. As a surrogate mother, they enable the intended parents to experience the miracle of a pregnancy, including sharing the incredible joy that comes when they see the baby handed to the intended parents upon birth. It is only through the generosity of someone like surrogate mothers that the intended parents retain hope of fulfilling their dreams.

Thanks to the selfless gifts from surrogate mothers, hundreds of women are now able to call themselves “Mother.” To celebrate Mother’s Day, Joy of Life has taken an opportunity to honor and thank all of the surrogate mothers we have worked with over the years. To show our love, we have launched an Instagram contest for surrogate mothers to win Massage Envy vouchers as a Mother’s Day gift. On May 19, 2019, Joy of Life will host a celebrating event in Corona that potential and current surrogates can gather together and share experiences of the surrogacy journey with each other.

Joy Millan, the Founder of Joy of Life, said, “We achieved significant successes in 2018 and helped many families make their dream of fertility come true. We believe that there is no more fabulous gift than the gift of family, and Joy of Life is proud to be your dedicated partner on your journey to parenthood.”

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