spiral-notebook-381032_640As natural disasters increase at an alarming rate, devastating wildfires, flooding, and natural disasters pose a growing threat to the safety of your most precious belongings. Meanwhile, both identity theft and theft of possessions are reaching an all-time high. On National SAFE Day, Alpha Guardian encourages Americans to take action: Preserve and protect what matters most.

“A safe isn’t just for jewels and gold bars,” said Alpha Guardian Vice President of Innovation and Brand Marketing, Colette Matthews. “What matters to you matters to us, so we design life-proof safes for every situation. With four trusted brands to preserve, protect and secure through life’s challenges, our safes can preserve family heirlooms from flood, fire and natural disaster; protect valuables and important documents from theft; and secure firearms and pharmaceuticals to keep loved ones safe.”

Preserve Your Past

The US ranked #2 behind India for countries most affected by natural disasters. Emergency preparedness can provide reassurance that if tragedy hits, you’ve safeguarded those things that matter most. We all have sentimental items that can’t be replaced, but they can be carefully preserved in a safe designed to keep out the effects of fire, smoke, water and extreme environments. Well-meaning guests may not recognize the value of your keepsakes. Preserving them in a home safe ensures you won’t come across your aspiring artist nephew finger painting with Great-grandpa’s heirloom quilt as a dropcloth. Instead, the quilt will remain just as you left it, secure inside, next to generations of photo albums and your precious collections.

Cannon Safe has long been the leader in superior-quality home safes. The substantial weight, four-inch locking bolts and Tru-lock internal hinges of Cannon American Eagle Safes make it difficult to carry away or pry open, and it can protect all that’s inside for up to 60 minutes, even through a raging fire. In fact, thank you notes from safe owners have featured jarring pictures of fire devastation, with an Alpha Guardian safe standing alone amid piles of ash and rubble, open to show jewelry, documents and keepsakes perfectly undisturbed!

Another important step in emergency preparedness is to gather critical documents, cash, credit cards and identification in a portable waterproof, fireproof safe. Stored in your home safe, this emergency kit is always available for quick and easy retrieval in the event of evacuation, and ready to protect essential paperwork whether you’re in an evacuation shelter or on the road.

Protect Your Future

Home burglaries happen in the US every 15 seconds, so it’s no surprise sales of home security systems and entry cameras have skyrocketed. While we think of theft as a stranger “breaking in,” many instances of theft occur as invited guests enter for family visits, playdates, dinner parties, deliveries and service calls. A safe provides a pivotal layer of home security that protects from dangers inside the home. As rising cost of living increases co-living arrangements, the need for a home safe is magnified as living space is shared with roommates and their guests. As older Americans make up a larger proportion of the population, retirement communities are growing, too. With staff members, other residents and their visitors moving through the community, a small personal safe can protect against vulnerability to damage, loss or theft.

Stack-On delivers exceptional value and variety of secure storage solutions for home, outdoors and on-the-go. As the idea of “home” expands, Stack-On specializes in flexible design and features to protect belongings wherever you call home. RV’s and tiny homes offer flexibility, and affordable travel promises adventure, but nobody wants the adventure of trying to replace stolen cash and travel documents.  Stack-On portable safes and personal security cases travel easily on planes, trains, automobiles and cruise ships, and while staying at hotels, hostels, campgrounds and AirBnB rentals. Many are also designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Secure against tragedy

Alpha Guardian also encourages responsible firearm security, in honor of 13-year-old Brooklynn Mae Mohler. National SAFE Day was founded after Brooklynn was unintentionally killed when her friend picked up a loaded handgun found in a kitchen cabinet.

“We’re fortunate to have active, full lives keeping us busy,” said Matthews. “But, Brooklynn’s story is a sad reminder that we aren’t immune to tragedy. Set aside time in honor of National SAFE Day to make a plan, and take steps to protect who and what matters most to you.”

Alpha Guardian’s evolving and robust portfolio of products―across their Cannon Safe, Gun Vault, Stack-On and Edge brands―lead innovation in the safe and secure storage industry. With countless combinations of security features and access technologies in safes of all sizes, Alpha Guardian products provide secure storage solutions for what matters most in people’s lives.

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