5 2019 Holiday Gifts You Shouldn’t Buy

santa claus gift bagThe retail return experts at B-Stock scoured through piles of returned presents and data from top retailers (Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and others) to see what people returned or what just didn’t sell well in stores.

Let our list of the “5 Top Gift Flops” serve as a cautionary guide before you Black Friday.

The 2019 holiday top flops include:

  • Cardigans and Pom-Pom Shoes: While Mr. Rogers is having a moment right now, apparently classic cardigans for women are not. And if you thought boots with the fur were bad…have you seen the shoes with pom-poms? Just, don’t do it.

  • Air Fryers: These faux deep fryers have become the new Instant Pots…both of which are better left on store shelves.

  • Stud Finders: If you find yourself walking the aisles at a hardware store looking for that perfect gift for dad, just keep walking past the stud finders. Contrary to women’s popular belief (well, pretty much… everywhere), not everyone needs help finding a stud. Runner up? Night vision goggles. I guess It’s a relief to know there’s not an abundance of night visioned creepers roaming around your neighborhood?

  • Cooling Towels: We’re guessing that suggesting someone sweats a lot to gift a cooling towel could be slightly insulting? Or, people just still prefer old-fashioned fans and A/C.

  • Fur Throw Pillows: You shouldn’t gift your decorating taste on to others regardless of how fabulously on-trend you think you are. Apparently, not everyone likes the look of an Alpaca living on their living room furniture.

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